I Can’t Find the Payroll Option in QuickBooks

Payroll Option Is Missing QuickBooks

Problem: At times, it happens that you are can’t find the payroll option in QuickBooks Online while trying to generate payrolls. These kinds of errors make your work a little harder every time you try to access QuickBooks for fast and secure services.

If you cannot find the payroll option in your QuickBooks, follow the steps below or get in touch with the QBPayrollHelp. The guidelines will lead you to resolve the error I can’t find the payroll option in QuickBooks without any further waste of time.

When & Why User Can’t Locate Payroll in QuickBooks

The situation of Payroll

We are provided with options to access QuickBooks Payroll in QuickBooks Online. One of them is to use Native QuickBooks Online Payroll.

Tip: If you are using PaySuite for your payroll option, you can email the Wage Slip (Payslip) to your employees directly.

Resolving ‘the Payroll option not appearing’ problem

Follow the instructions given below and help yourself in finding the payroll option in QuickBooks:

1. If you are a QBOP user, then you will need to download the Wage Slip (Payslip) to email it to your employee to hand it to them:

  • Go to the Employees tab and click it.
  • Choose Employees.
  • Choose the employee whose payslip you want to access.
  • Hit Payslip, and choose a payslip to view its details PDF format.
  • Hit Download and send the payslip to your employee.

2. If your Payroll was not turned on in the settings, follow these guidelines:

  • Go to Edit menu and click
  • Go to Payroll and Employees
  • Hit the Company Preferences
  • Select the Full Payroll
  • Go to Help menu
  • Hit QuickBooks Help
  • A search box will appear. Type Manual Payroll in the blank field.
  • In the results you will see this option: Calculate payroll taxes manually (without a subscription to QuickBooks payroll). Click it.
  • Several help topics will be displayed on your screen. Scroll down until you get to “Set your company file to use the manual payroll calculations setting”. Then click on Manual Payroll Calculations.
  • You will be redirected to another help window. Here find the heading, “If you are sure you want to manually calculate your payroll taxes in QuickBooks”. Now, click the link which reads, “Set my company file to use manual calculations.”
  • You will see another window open which will state that the manual payroll has been activated on your QuickBooks.
  • Finally, go to the QuickBooks Payroll Help Wizard (Access it from Employees menu by choosing Payroll Setup.) the wizard will walk you through the seven key pieces of payroll data. Complete the setup.
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  1. How can I find the missing payroll options in QuickBooks?

    To find the missing payroll options, then open the Settings menu and click on the Payroll setting. Choose the setup option and perform the on-screen instructions to meet with results. Open the Accounting preferences choose the “New Account” option to track the payroll options.

  2. What payroll options are available in QuickBooks?

    Full-Service payroll offers automated tax and forms processing, automated federal and state payroll taxes, auto payroll functions, next-day direct deposits, a workforce portal for all employees, and many more options to fulfill all business requirements.

  3. Why are payroll options not visible in QuickBooks?

    Incorrect settings or wrong configurations in QuickBooks Payroll are the major reasons that payroll block all options to appear on your screen. It is recommended that you check and repair all issues of your payroll settings manually.

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